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Here’s some fantastic news for your Friday: On Thursday, the California Senate unanimously approved a new bill that defines sexual consent as a firm “yes” rather than a lack of “no.”



This is a big win for anti-rape activists, many of whom have been touting the necessity of an “affirmative consent” standard for years. California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has the next month to sign the bill into law. If he does, schools across the state would be required to define consent before engaging in sexual activity as an “affirmative, conscious, and voluntary agreement” or risk losing state financial aid funding.





Cover of Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” on the koto and shakuhachi by Team Kozan 

that shakuhachi player is really rocking it

there’s nothing I don’t love about this

omg by the end i was just smiling so hard


it’s always sunny in philadelphia is not “a great show” because it makes racism/sexism/transphobia/ableism etc etc funny. if you think that’s what it’s doing and that “they give zero fucks” about offending people, you are very very wrong.

it’s always sunny in philadelphia is a…


do i need an explaination


do i need an explaination


Ravenclaw: Do it once you’ve gathered enough relevant information.
Hufflepuff: Do it with integrity.
Slytherin: Do it on your own terms.

Gryffindor: Do it for the vine.

I was reading tv tropes about Hamlet, and under the fatal flaw trope it says that it’s debatable what Hamlet’s fatal flaw actually is. I think it’s his lack of faith in everyone around him who isn’t his uncle. Or something. He judges everyone who’s asked to try and figure out what’s wrong with him as betraying him, even though there’s no way for them to know that Claudius isn’t legitimately worried about him as his uncle. His sudden unexplained spurning of Ophelia (because she helped spy on him) at least half of why Ophelia goes mad, which is the catayst for three of the play’s deaths. Also, maybe he wouldn’t have stabbed Polonius, because there’s a difference between spying on someone for the king, and spying for someone that you know to be a murderer? And that would definitely spare Ophelia, and others?




special delivery




special delivery



When commercials try to be “hip”


whenever somebody says like “so what did you do today?” just look off into the distance and say “the right thing”

But yeah, more Doctor Who thoughts:

—Peter Capaldi was great

—But, the writing itself seemed kind of odd at times. The doctor was REALLY ADDLED/OFF after his regeneration, which is fine on it’s own, but it made Vastra’s disapproval of Clara being wary/conflicted about the new Doctor odd. Not only is the Doctor a different version of himself, which to me seems like reason enough to be sort of spooked, but he’s a version that it acting sort of erratic and scary. And yet the other characters/episode/some fans seem to be faulting her for that.

—Rose was freaked out by regeneration at first, it’s a reasonable reaction to someone you know being SUDDENLY RATHER DIFFERENT. So, once again, why can’t she be a little upset/wary?

—Also, I feel like the Doctor seemingly abandoning Clara with no hint on whether or not he was actually going to come back and help her was massively weird and a little too…dark maybe?

—I liked that we got to see Matt Smith again, but thought it was kind of not ideal that we needed the Eleventh Doctor to convince Clara to go with the Twelfth Doctor.

—Everyone being like “he’s not your boyfriend clara” was a bit odd and sort of condescending.

—I’m really bad at figuring out what exactly was off, but the io9 review pointed elaborated more on how the episode seemed oddly harsh towards Clara, and how the dynamic between her and the Doctor seemed odd so… yes.

—But, I like that Clara is a more fully realized character now. In the previous season she wasn’t really elaborated on much.

—So, yeah I liked the acting/actors, but was sort of confused by how the emotional stuff developed/was treated.

—I’ll have to watch it again, I guess?

Okay, markedly noticeable earthquake just happened.

Peter Capaldi!

In a study of injuries in 90 patients injured by rubber bullets, one died, 17 suffered permanent disabilities or deformities and 41 required hospital treatment after being fired upon with rubber bullets.
So when the cops claim this is a humane, legitimate crowd control tactic, they’re straight up lying to your face. Don’t let them bullshit you. (x)


If you live anywhere near Evansville Indiana please be safe because apparently 10 women have been abducted and now they’re saying it’s a possible serial killer sO please don’t go anywhere alone